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Tennis Courts, Hlboká Street - HS Centrum
+421 902 824 902

Tennis Club, E. Belluša Street
+421 905 254 193


Squash Club, Hlboká Street
+421 907 735 229


Bowling Center Victoria, Hlboká Street

Skittles - Skittle hall, Štúrova Street 22


A golf course is located on Spa Island, in the area called Vrbinky which is a very pleasant place to play. It is a nine-hole course of intermediate level.

Water skiing and wakeboarding

Wake Soul - Water skiing area in Ratnovská zátoka (cove)

Horse riding

The First Riding School - The horse riding area is situated in the northern part of the town, behind Bodona, between the Biskupický Canal and the natural stream-bed of the River Váh. There are more then 25 horses which are provided for horse riding by local horse breeders.

Outdoor fitness

Fitness machines set in exterior along the pond Dubová (Hlboká street) offer the possibility of body-stretching anytime and for free. Machines such as rowing-boat simulator and stretching path are situated in a nice area and help to form different parts of human body (hips, belly muscles and breast muscles).

Street workout

Playground near the Krajinský Bridge (Vážska Street) is used for the exterior weight-body training. It was designed by sportsmen who do workout actively and it is possible to train anytime for free, even in the evenings when the spotlight is on. According to its size and quality, this sport area belongs to the top ones here in Slovakia.

Acupressure path

Acupressure path with handrail constructed in the town park behind the Kursalon building. Passers-by can walk on the gravel stones barefoot from the Danube and so experience a natural acupressure massage.