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Podhradie - Panská Javorina - Duchonka

The trip on this trail is mildly demanding, ending with the view from the peak Panská Javorina. This trail is known for its alternating ascents and descents. The trail offers nice views and natural attractions. The starting point is the local bus stop in front of the church in the village Podhradie. It follows the blue and yellow marked asphalt road in the village, gently ascending into the forest, and leads up to the cottages and the public camp above the valley Slivničná dolina. From the cottages it climbs along a forest path up to the junction where it continues following the yellow marked trail. The path goes further into the oak forest and through the saddle down to the valley, finishing in the wide valley of the stream Železnica. The trail proceeds up to the point where a small crest divides the Železnica valley with its left-sided water inflow. From here it continues to ascend in a northerly direction up to the saddle Jamka, where it is joined from the right side by a green marked trail. Following the green and yellow marked trail, the ascent continues along the ridge up to the top of Panská Javorina. From the top, it is possible to return along the same trail down to the junction Jamka, where the yellow marked trail turns to the right. It continues its descent along a green marked trail moving in an approximately south-easterly direction. At the village Biela Bukovina it descends moderately at first, and then more steeply as it drops down to the junction in the valley of the Železnica stream. The last part of the trail leads to the Železnica stream with nice mountain meadows in the upper part. An asphalt road, which leads through the valley, will lead you up to the Duchonka recreationa lcentre, where the trail ends.

Havran - Marhát - Nitrianska Blatnica

This tourist path is of mild difficulty. It leads mostly through the forest, offering extraordinary views and natural and historical attractions. The only physically demanding part is the ascent to the top of Marhát. The starting point is the local bus stop in the saddle Havran, from where, following the red mark, the trail goes along a forest trail up to the hill Plešiny, which despite its name (Plešiny = a bald place) does not offer a view. Here the trail crosses a yellow marked trail, and it goes through the forest in a north-easterly direction. It leads through the flank of the peak Zlatý vrch up to the wide saddle Striebornica, where the forest paths cross. From this junction it continues along the red marked trail through a moderately undulating terrain, and later along a steeper path through a glade. It goes through the hillside Krahulčie vrchy to the crossroad with agreen mark. For the next 15 minutes you follow a green and red marked trail, walking through the saddle Gajda to the next crossroad, where the green trail turns to the right. A forest road will then lead you to a glade, from where it turns sharply right into the forest. Here the path goes up steeply to the ridge of Považský Inovec. The path goes through a massive rocky ridge, continuing partially underneath it, and leading up to the top of the hill Marhát marked by a steel cross. The observation tower is built there as well. From the top it takes 5 minutes to descend to the saddle below Marhát. In the saddle, instead of the red marked trail, the yellow one should be followed, which bypasses the top of Marhát from the eastern side and descends steeply onto forest paths leading to the Rotunda of St. George. A comfortable forest path, which at the same time is a nature trail, descends to the crossroad Jurko, where the yellow marked trail ends. Here you turn onto a green marked trail, which descends along a wide forest path to Nitrianska Blatnica. Walking out of the forest, the trail leads along a meadow, vineyards and fields to the village and the local bus stop, where it ends.

Piešťany - Čertova pec - Havran - Bakchus vila - Červená veža - Piešťany

Mildly difficult trip passing through the main ridge of Považský Inovec Mountains. It takes 6 hours and 45 minutes. The trip starts at the Colonnade Bridge on the left bank of the River Váh. Taking the Domino Promenade, you continue to the bridge for pedestrians crossing the branch of the River Váh, where you turn onto a green marked trail. An asphalt path leads along the embankment to the next bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left onto a dirt road that leads to the village Moravany nad Váhom. Continue along the streets to the natural monument Veľký jarok, from where you walk to the water reservoir Striebornica. Proceed further past the private cottages into the forest, and to the crossroad Striebornica. Following the marked forest path you come to a paved forest path leading to the valley of the stream Radošinka. Walk past the cave Čertova pec, a restaurant, and alocal bus stop. Crossing the road, you follow a blue mark, which steeply ascends to the saddle Havran, walking about an hour and a half. From there you can go downhill along the red and blue marked trail through the Red Tower Hill (Červená veža) to Piešťany.

Lúka - Tematín - Hrádok

Midly difficult trip leading through the valley of Lúčanská dolina valley to the ruins of the Tematín Castle with views of the valley of the Váh River. It takes 4 hours. From the square in the village Lúka, you follow a blue marked trail to the foot of the valley. Taking a paved forest path, you continue to the end of the valley. The ascent to the saddle up to the ruins of Tematín Castle starts here. From here you follow the yellow marked trail, which steeply descends to the valley of the Hrádocký stream. You ascend further to the ridge saddle and descend to the settlement Dolina, where an asphalt road begins. From here you walk into the village and to the bus stop.

Mníchova Lehota - Inovec

A popular tourist trail leading to the top of the Považský Inovec Mountains, midly difficult, with steeper ascents and descents, and some parts with a demanding orientation. It takes 5 hours. Going out of the railway station in Mníchova Lehota, cross the railway and the motorway to Bánovce nad Bebravou until you come to a dirt road leading to a forest. At the crossroad follow the red marked trail, walking along a wide forest path leading through the southern hillside of Humienec. Along the ridge bend you come to the closure of the valley Krásna dolina, from where a steep ascent leads to the peak Jarabský vrch. Taking this way, you come up to the cottage Chata pod Inovcom. From here a steep ascent leads to the summit of the mountain range. As there is no view of the surroundings from the summit, you need to descend to its lower front top Palúch. Taking the same trail, you descend to the village Mníchova Lehota.